Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Life, in extremis

I am for foxes because they are survival in the face of expansion, success in the face of concrete. They are life where life once roamed freely, they are taking back what was theirs. They are daring and resourceful, taking your rubbish and making it valuable. Thriving despite our hunts and our hatred, taking their towns by the scruff of the neck. I am for foxes because they are alive.

I am for pigeons because they refuse to be beaten, because they adapt to the city, because they take your kicks and keep on living. Pigeons will not lay down and they will not simply leave. They will fly away and back when you are not looking, swooping down to their latest meal, unfussed and unpicky. I am for pigeons because they represent life.
I am for rats because they will outlast us, because they are us, because they are happy to live in the shadows. Because it does not occur to them to be otherwise. Rats are life without pretension, without ego, without complication. They multiply like humans, but their world is cleaner in its way than ours will ever be. I am for rats because of their honesty.

I am for roaches because they will never die. They are perfect in their ugliness, they must look pretty good to each other. They are the ultimate biological machine, defiant of our world and our buildings and our culture. They live and insist upon it, and are content to let us do the same. I am for roaches because they will never go away.
I am for life because we do not own the planet, we only rent it for a while, building concrete towards the sky.

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