Monday, 27 May 2013

Introducing... inappropriate humour

Introducing… inappropriate humour

They have a series of books which I think of as the Introducing… series. The titles are all Introducing Philosophy or Introducing Sartre or Introducing Postmodernism, & so on. (The focus does seem to be towards the arts, but not totally.) They’re actually very good, the few that I’ve read, and, of course, are brief and succinct introductions to various subjects. How much do you want to bet we’ll never see:
1)      Introducing… Satanism
2)      Introducing… Paedophilia
3)      Introducing… S&M
Well, anyway. So that’s all I really wanted to say. I’m generally against censorship & the suppression of information, because knowledge is the key to change, and the only real choices are informed ones; however, I would not be terribly saddened or angered if such a book as example 2 (above) were never to see the light of day. I’m not even sure it’s even been thought of before, but probably. The only value I could see is in predicting and preventing children from being harmed; that type of value, however, is invaluable, so I guess if such a book saved even one child (and harmed none) it’d be well worth it. The sales would probably be fairly low, though. I’d suggest a more sensitive title:
            Introducing: How to protect your children from kiddie-fiddlers (and how to exact revenge if it’s already too late). And there’d be a note: The first half of this book is officially endorsed by the National Police Force; the second half will have to be content with an unofficial endorsement.

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