Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Heaven and Hell

My attitude towards life on Earth has undergone a few phases in my lifetime, from the usual childish conceptions, through my now defunct religious 'certainty', to a place where I think the line 'I was thinking to myself: this could be heaven or this could be hell' from the Eagles' Hotel California sums things up best. It's really all about one's own perceptions of life, and how they allow said person to behave, particularly in the context of their interactions with others. I recall an interesting story about Heaven and Hell: essentially in Hell there are a group of people sat round a table, with a pot of food in the middle. They are all starving, but the spoons they have are so long they cannot reach them to their mouths, and consequently cannot eat. In Heaven, the same scenario, but the people are feeding each other. Religious ideas of an afterlife aside, the point is an important one, and well made: if people were all to treat each other as well as we are capable of treating each other, then life on Earth would be like a Heaven of sorts. Instead, and of course because of our biology, and the practice and success of various behaviour types (e.g. promotion of self-interest over that of others in society), Earth is sometimes amazing, but many other times shitty and frustrating and downright cruel. And this just seems disappointing to me, is all.

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